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Our Sustainability Data

At QuadReal, we aim to create healthy, sustainable places to live, and that starts with being transparent. That's why our first step is tracking and sharing water, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions data for 15 & 245 Lena Crescent with you.


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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

QuadReal has committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2050, this includes all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Buildings are a significant emitter of GHGs, accounting for over 20% of GHG emissions globally, primarily from their use of utilities such as electricity, natural gas, water, and waste. This graph shows the performance of 15 & 245 Lena Crescent and our targets over the years to come.

Energy Use

Energy consumption accounts for the vast majority of a buildings overall carbon footprint. It is our mandate to identify opportunities to implement energy efficiency measures and operational best practices to achieve our carbon reduction goals. We benchmark our performance, measured in kilowatt hours (ekWh) per square foot, against the most recent U.S. national average, as Canada's benchmark is being developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). This graph shows the performance of 15 & 245 Lena Crescent relative to the U.S. average.

*Canadian Average EUI Published by NRCan

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Water Use

Water is a limited and priceless resource that we must work to protect. For us, this includes reducing our water consumption where possible. As Canada has no available standard data for water usage, we compare our usage in this building against the most recent U.S. national average. This allows us to benchmark our performance and strive for continuous improvement. This graph shows the performance of 15 & 245 Lena Crescent relative to the U.S. average.

**US Average Water Use Benchmark Data

A note about this data

If you have questions about how we are improving sustainability at our properties, please visit

Values shown have been determined by dividing the overall annual building performance by the building’s square footage (including suites, lobby, staircases, amenities etc.). As a result, the actual energy, water, and greenhouse gas performance of a given suite may be different than the building average for the past year. Annual energy use intensity values have been weather-normalized by the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool.


15 & 245 Lena Crescent is also BOMA BEST Silver. To be certified, 15 & 245 Lena Crescent has to meet operational best practices around energy, water, and waste among other requirements. To learn more about QuadReal's certifications, visit For more information about the BOMA BEST certification, visit the BOMA website at